Taien Ng-Chan

No other major Canadian city has as many streets named after saints. What relation does a street have to its name? Is it possible to take only streets that are named after saints? Who were St. Laurent, St. Catherine, St. Urbain? This project traces the influence of French-Canadian Catholicism on street names, as part of a larger collaborative project using interactive artist maps to explore personal engagements with the city of Montreal.

About Taien Ng-Chan

Taien Ng-Chan is a writer and media artist who investigates the poetics of everyday urban life through experimental cinema and cartography. Her works include a poetry book/multimedia CD entitled Maps of Our Bodies and the Borders We Have Agreed Upon, and two anthologies, Ribsauce and Navigating Customs. She has written drama for stage, screen, and radio, and her videos have been shown across Canada, in the US, Korea, Sweden, and the UK. Her short film The Red Ribbon won the Location Michel Trudel Award at Concordia University, where she received her MFA, and where she is now completing her Ph.D. Taien’s most recent website/mobile media work, Detours: Poetics of the City, was launched at the Biennale internationale d’art numérique, and involved collaboration to produce site-specific digital works for interactive artist maps of Montreal, including videos to watch while riding public transit. For more info: soyfish.net