Christopher Watson

Utilising personal experiences of Zurich, this video explores participatory narratives of place, the ‘poetics of cartography’ (Wood, 2010), through combination of interpreted dance performance, artefacts from location and psycho-choreographed gps track. Through silence I hope to encourage the viewer to reflect on the ambient sounds of their location and experience their place anew, and serve to build their own ‘poetic image’, (Bachelard, 1958).

 About Christopher Watson

I am 1st year Lecturer on BA (hons) Graphic Design at University Center Doncaster (England), and co-director of interdisciplinary company Shift-Space. I explore the tensions of where technology, creative arts, learning and everything in between intersect to realise ways of how to present the world anew and improve the process of interacting with it. I have presented papers locally in Yorkshire, Zurich, and London around my interests in NeoCartographies, Art/Design, Augmented Reality, App development for both Android/Apple. I am editor of (regular), (less regular), (formerly, co-author at, founder of, see my portfolio (which I try to keep up to date),